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Company Strategy

We believe that exploring opportunities to expand the market potential for our existing products represents our lowest risk growth strategy.

The company is continually evaluating new opportunities by developing new indications, new coverage and new products to further support the our existing markets and the efforts of our commercial organization. The company focuses on the hospital acute care and oncology market segments that feature concentrated prescriber bases.

Our sales and marketing efforts are focused on expanding our reach within the medical community and keeping healthcare providers informed of how our products are able to improve the quality of care for their patients. And, we are establishing full market coverage through developing sales organization and local distribution channels. In collaboration with foreign licensors, we are enhancing licensor's communication, image and strategy, along with their reputation for value-added improvements on the products and services already recognized in international market.

The combination of our ongoing development activities and marketing efforts drives the success of our products by accomplishment of STAR(study, think, Act & review).